Neo4j basic structure

The very first and simple answer is “It is Database”. Going further we can elaborate it as “It is a Graph Database”. and it uses “Cypher Query Language”.

You may come across a lot of questions related to -

  1. What is a graph database and
  2. Need and usefulness

For all such questions, you can seek links provided in the reference area. They have provided an ample number of videos and documentation around it. Let’s just check how graph database stores data in dB and how Cypher Query Language looks like.

Visual representation of data stored in the neo4j database

Basically, data is stored in reference or relation with each other like a tree structure.

How the Cypher query looks like-

MATCH (n:Person)-[:KNOWS]->(m:Person) WHERE = 'Alice'

In the above query, we are finding all other persons to whom Alice knows. The query itself is self-explanatory and relation also.

We are going to learn Cypher queries in detail in the coming chapters till the time you can go through the provided links to get some insights about Neo4j.

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